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Are You Looking To Make Money From Your Lifestyle Block?

Mohair pays approximately three times more compared with wool. The worldwide demand for mohair outstrips mohair supply year after year.

A kg of mohair is worth on average $16 per kg - kid mohair $34 compared to $5 - $6 per kg for wool.

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What Sets Us Apart From The Rest Our commitment to providing the best service, satisfaction and returns for our customers.

Why You Should Choose Our Company

  • Mohair Pacific has been owned and operating since 1997.
  • Your market for the mohair is guaranteed and returns are totally reliable.
  • Friendly and helpful service with 10 years experience.

FREE National freight service paid by us

FREE one hour basic goat health consultation with your goat starter kit purchase

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Find Frequently Asked Questions Here 

Mohair is a fibre that is in short supply but strong in demand and so the prices hold well. We are always getting requests for mohair from buyers from all over the world and domestically, so this proves that there is a ready market

Angoras are browsers, which means that they eat a variety of plants and weeds. Broom, gorse, thistles or most kinds of weeds are a delicacy to the angora goat. Angoras will improve your pasture by eating the weeds.

Angoras of today are not the goats of yester year which were bred from feral goats. Today the angora goat is a domestic farmed animal that is docile, easy to handle and respects fences. The only reasons goats may escape is the fencing is inadequate or there is not enough feed for them to eat.

Goats have high mineral requirements so need a varied diet. A diet that contains hay, tree fodder, grass, mineral blocks, straw and pellets as well as chaff will help to meet these needs.

Shelter is crucial for goats at kidding and after shearing if the weather turns bad as they do not have the oil or fat layer to protect them from the extreme elements. Access to shelter year round is required. Shelter should be draught free and should not leak.

Yes. We would welcome visitors to come and see our Angora goat farm. Please be sure to phone or email to arrange a time before coming out.