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We are Jackie and Grant Freeman, owners and directors of Mohair Pacific Ltd. 

Mohair Pacific Ltd are buyers, brokers and exporters of fine New Zealand mohair situated 10 minitues from Rangiora in Canterbury.

Our brand new warehouse was specially designed to accommodate our clients in both the north and south islands that send fibre to our purpose built warehouse. When mohair arrives in our warehouse Jackie will class it into grades and prepare and report back to clients via a classing docket with the weights and the grades. The fibre is then baled by Grant and sent for sale then export. Shortly after our clients are paid.

Our back ground in the mohair industry began over 10 years ago with having an interest in natural fibres and farming animals. We bought our first lifestyle block and started breeding our own angora goats with present numbers at 60.

Our knowledge of farming goats has grown over the years thanks to support from older goat farmers. We are now able to take our knowledge and experience and share it with other new goat farmers.

Angora Goat

Jackie has a background in education and has also trained as a vet technician. This knowledge has allowed her to consult and educate other lifestyle farmers on the basics and to introduce the option of farming angora goats. She is currently warehouse representative on the national mohair board, Mohair New Zealand and a committee member of Mohair Producers Canterbury where she writes a small local magazine Canta-caprine.

Grant comes from an engineering background and has farmed angora goats with his wife Jackie. He is currently treasurer and Vice President of Mohair Producers Canterbury Inc. He is fully involved in local A&P shows promoting the mohair industry.

After years of farming angora goats we have developed our own philosophy. Our philosophy is simply to take the time to observe and understand the needs of the angora goat and to enjoy the realtionship of farming these very intelligent and delightful animals.

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Our current pool is open so now is the time to get your fibre to our warehouse. Please use our free transport service.

This pool will close on May 31 2016.