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Jackie and Grant Freeman

584 Woodfields Rd

RD 5



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Phone - (03) 312 6228




Welcome Clients

Great to see the new year bring some relief to the dry areas of the country and hopefully there is some benefit for our producers.


The mohair has just been sold and you will find your payout sheet with this letter.

We were impressed with the quality of fibre that came through the warehouse.


Its good to see care and attention being given to the presentation of fibre sent to us. Good presentation helps receive better prices due to the likes of stain being removed and vegetation which reduces contamination of the fleece.



Grant and I recently attended the mohair conference in Pukekohe. There we got to meet more producers and share experiences as producers, as well as learn new tips for farming, which is always helpful.


We had guest speaker GT Ferraria from South Africa, who now lives in Australia speak about his new venture he is trialing in Australia, weaving mohair. The characteristics that help to meet producing weaving mohair are length, strength and low to no medulation as well as lustre, micron and eveness.


It is used in suit making and high end garments and has the potential for very good returns for the mohair farmer.


In regards to this we are looking at how, mohair pacific as a broker can market on your behalf the weaving mohair to our buyers. We have decided to trial a new line of mohair where there will the following requirements:


Length: Ideally over 120mm with a Minimum length of 105 mm.

Strength: This means no breaks in the fibre.

Low to No Medulation: Look and identifying kemp fibres and medulated fibres.


The two lines we will be looking at are kid and young goat.

If you wish to trial this please set aside fleeces in marked bags with “trial for weaving mohair” We will then look at these fleeces and decide whether they meet the strict requirements for weaving mohair.


Please do not be offended if your mohair is not accepted as we are only trialing this and may need further work on your behalf to achieve this goal. We are the brokers not the producers and we can only work with what you send to us. We will inform you either way.

The buyers have strict requirements which we all need to meet.



The current pool is now open to receive your mohair.

The closing date for this pool is May 31st so please have your mohair in our warehouse by that date, and remember to enter this into your calendar.


Please check out our website for helpful information on farming goats and mohair preparation as well as general angora goat information.

When you receive an e-mail from us all you have to do is click on the highlighted website details at the bottom of the e-mail and this will link you straight to our website.


The next conference will be held in the south island in Ashburton in February next year so please look out for further details as they come to hand on our website and through e-mail and local newspapers.


Again we thank you for your continued support of our warehouse and wish you all a successful coming season.


Kind Regards

Jackie and Grant Freeman

Mohair Pacific Ltd









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