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Jackie and Grant Freeman

584 Woodfields Rd

RD 5



(03) 312 6228





                                                NEWSLETTER JULY 2015


Welcome Clients


We hope winter has not been too tough on you and your goats.

Spring is just around the corner and the kids goats will soon entertain your paddocks.


We have ticked over a year of ownership already and it has been an amazing journey.

We want to thank you all for your kind words and appreciation of what we do it means a lot to us both. Some new events of late are the laying down of our driveway so it’s more defined for people when they to drop off their fibre to us.


We were lucky enough in April to have our buyers from South Africa come and visit our warehouse. They were impressed with our new premises and commented positively on our classing skills as they found our lines of fibre to be very even in standards set by them.

The buyers were really impressed with the quality of New Zealand Mohair and said as producers New Zealand is a fantastic country to produce mohair.


They also had a  look at our goats and were impressed with what they saw. They really loved the quality of fibre and the fact that we run alpacas with our kid goats as “supervisors of the paddock” They are good for protection and the buyers also commented on the fact that, that is what they do in South Africa to protect their kids from predators.


Please find enclosed with your payout sheet some information on preparing your fleeces for sending to our warehouse.

Its encouraged that as a producer that you prepare and pack fleeces into the bale in the best way possible.

A well prepared fleece is going to help you financially.


To use our free freight service please put your fibre onto your local transport company and ensure your bale is clearly labelled with your name and our business details. The invoice is to be sent to Mohair Pacific Ltd.


All communication with our clients will be made through e-mail or phone calls in regards to keeping  you informed of happenings with mohair. Please ensure you have our e-mail address in your contacts list.


Prices for mohair globally have remained steady but with some decline in kid mohair prices. Prices for adult have risen and young goat has steadied. Global markets and a recent fire at one of the world’s biggest mills has created a back log in the market for kid mohair which reflects the price decline.

Other mills are trying to clear the back log of stock as quickly as possible and things should start to hopefully pick up again.


Our current pool has opened and awaits mohair. Please mark on your calendar closure of this pool will be Jan 31 2016.


Those who are part of the levy payment will notice this has been deducted from your payout and  is recorded as Mohair NZ  levy on your payout docket.

Your levy payment will go toward funding projects like the national website for mohair, research on goats and promotion of the mohair industry.


We wish you all well for the kidding season and hope all goes well for the coming season.

Again we thank you for your continued support of our warehouse.


Kind Regards

Jackie and Grant Freeman

Mohair Pacific Ltd


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